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If you are built a website without any SEO consideration it’s likely to remain almost unsearchable until other websites begin linking to yours. You’re site might not even appear when searching for the company name for several months unless several conditions are met. If other websites/businesses are willing to share your web address, creating a link on their site to yours (backlinking), then Google thinks that other users might like visit it as well, hence displaying you in search rankings. If you aren’t able to immediately acquire backlinks it can be a long wait until all the content on your pages are scanned (indexed) and you start appearing.

Although no one outside of Google precisely knows the algorithm rules, a developer should have a good understanding of how it all works and be able to advise you accordingly. I’m perfectly happy to design and develop a website to your specification without any SEO consideration but typically when my clients fully understand the implications they request the following service:


Unless you come to me with a strong brief or any existing brand material I don’t begin designing a site until we’ve researched your online competition and how competitive it is for you to reach a respectable search ranking position. Once I know who your competitors are I can then advise on the most efficient way for you to reach the relevant clients/users to make your business work. This can include the following:

  • Domain name choice advice.
  • The keywords people use to find similar sites/services.
  • Research into how many searches are performed by users seeking similar site/services.
  • Regional search research. Would you be more successful targeting a more local demographic or national?
  • The realistic cost of paid advertising should this be something you’d consider in the future.
  • How your competitors perform in search rankings.
  • Do you realistically stand a chance of beating them or perhaps turn your efforts to another form of advertising.
  • Advise on page content including images and video.

Only when this has been considered and my analysis has been shared with you do we then begin designing a suitable website.


When a direction has been determined from the analysis we can then begin designing a site/brand to ensure the look and style of the business/website will set you apart from similar businesses. Even with the best search rankings available people want to see professionalism and reliability in company branding. A website is your shop window or modern brochure, if it doesn’t give people confidence in you then they’ll go elsewhere.


The build quality of a website has a direct impact on the loading speed of the site. This is a major implication in search engines ranking position. If a site loads quickly and is optimised to do so then it is deemed to be built well and will rank higher than a slow loading poor quality site. Any developer with an understanding of SEO can build a site to perform but often this is done at an additional cost after the site has been built. All my projects are built with these optimisations from the beginning. You don’t have to pay for any extra services unless you need direction with ongoing content.


The single biggest ranking performance indicator is linked to page content. If you don’t display the right information that people are searching for they won’t find you. The way people search and they keywords they use isn’t necessary the same approach you’d use as a business owner. Part of my research is finding this out and then advising or writing content for you. Depending on the level of support required I’ll either suggest page titles and heading structure or write the copy on your behalf.


When a site is up and running, performing well in searches with relevant content, sadly it’s only a matter of time before your you start losing position. The thought is that Google deems your site less relevant if the content is rarely updated. A business that is successful has to constantly evolve to things happening; the website should reflect this. Stagnant content suggests a dead business and irrelevant services or information. Page content needs to be kept fresh to ensure ranking position is held. It’s for this reason I offer monthly breakdowns of search performance and advise on content to be created to keep the site current and relevant to its users.

If you need any advice or just want to chat SEO please don’t hesitate to get in contact or request a quote below for your next project.