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Before you start your search for a web designer, it’s vital you understand the fundamental differences among the different types of firms. If you’re not sure how designers operate, you risk hiring a firm that is not compatible with your needs. If you hire the wrong designer, the company will not meet your expectations, and you will incur additional costs. There’s not necessarily a right or wrong designer style or type. Your decision in choosing a company should be based on a few things; the skill set and capabilities your business requires to reach its website goals, costs, and personalities between the main contact of the firm and your project manager. Let’s compare types of designers so that you can determine which one is the best match for your project:

The new “normal” is starting to be pushed aside in preference of a new way of looking at working. It used to be that everyone worked 9-5 and Monday the Friday. However, thanks to the rise of independent, online companies, freelancing has become not only a popular, but also an effective way for web designers in Sheffield to make money and offer a wide range of services to companies without having to take on full-time staff.


Freedom: the ability to communicate outside normal business hours. Often freelance web designers are willing to communicate when it suits you best.

Cheaper: Freelancers cost less than hiring a permanent employees. That’s not only because they charge a lower hourly rate, but also because they’re more cost-efficient. Even though you might pay a higher hourly rate, you can save money for the following reasons:

  • You only pay for what they produce, which means no money is wasted on communications and down-time.
  • You don’t have to contribute towards PAYE and statutory holidays, or additional office or supply costs.

Flexibility: this is important. Freelance website designers are usually willing to work more creatively, it’s their job on the line so they have to impress, all the time.

Reduce your workload: instead of having to train new employees, a freelance designer is already trained to work in this way and has lots of experience; freelancers tend to be good at taking the initiative and generally won’t need much guidance.

Space: free up office space! Since a freelance designer can work remotely it eliminates the need to provide office space. A freelancer can work from wherever it’s convenient.

They are experts: since you are using them for one specific job, freelancers tend to be more experienced, and more suited to the task. This means the job will be completed without you having to hire someone afterwards to finish things off.

All this demonstrates that hiring a freelancer web designer or developer in Sheffield can save you time and office space; it will give you more flexibility, and provides you with a better service at a lower cost.

If you’ve not hired a freelancer web or graphic designer before and are nervous about how it will go there’s no need to worry because due to the nature of their job and the people they work with, freelancers tend to be friendly and approachable. It is in their interest to make sure that they understand exactly what you need, and can deliver exactly what you want.

Let me know if you need any more help in choosing your next freelancer or consultant.

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