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Typically the process will begin with a meeting to discuss your requirements. Face to face is ideal but most of my clients choose to work remotely and are happy with video calls. The focus of our initial meeting will be to discuss the following:


In today’s digital world your website will be the face of your business. I believe a company’s brand image is the single most important aspect to aligning yourself with the right clients to fuel your work. Designed right, a company brand has the ability to convey the nature, purpose and targeted clientele of your business within a few moments.

Your website is your window to the world so how you present yourself couldn’t have more of an impact on the direction of your company.


Search engine optimisation approached correctly should be at the forefront of any new website build. It’s a misconception that it’s a process that should be focused on after developing a site. Search engines such as Google determine search positioning on a long list of website factors. No longer is it just about domain name and content but now extends into fundamentals like the quality of the code the site is created with and the server it’s hosted on.

A brand new website can be difficult to find via online searches. However with an understanding of how search rankings are displayed you can have the ability to promote your business against a competitor and ensure you can be found.

If the business is new then the process begins with in-depth research into what keywords are used to target similar sites. If there’s an obvious gap in the market I may suggest that the design, layout and content are presented in a slightly different way to enhance the visibility of the website.

Once the website has been created I can set up tools for you to analyse the use of the site and the way people access your information.


Coding a bespoke site correctly should take time and care. For this reason I produce offline artwork that represents the look and feel of key pages of your site. You will then have a chance, should you wish to, to provide feedback and comments before it’s built.


As you’ll be aware the speed at which a site loads can impact negatively on the user experience of the site. A contributing factor of this is the way the site is structured and built. As coding standards are continually being updated it’s vital that the developer does too, using every optimisation to ensure your site loads smoothly and efficiently.

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Should you require it, your new site can be carefully setup to enable you to have full editing control over its content. You won’t need a developer’s assistance to make changes to the site as it evolves with the business. Depending on the purpose and/or experience with websites, it could be build on one of many content management systems. WordPress is the most popular choice as its intuitive editing platform is simple to use.

All websites need a certain degree of maintenance. The website will need to be kept up to date to ensure it continually conforms to coding and search ranking standards and to ensure it’s protected against the latest security attacks.

An optional maintenance plan is available to ensuring your newly designed site continually runs without any issues. Back-ups of the web files are regularly taken and sent, giving you full control of every aspect.

As your business grows and/or adapts your web presence will need to follow. I have ongoing relationships with the majority of my clients who continue to use me for further design work including: online marketing, advertising and social media.

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